Getting Started

Kompics Scala has the same prerequisites as the Java version of Kompics (cf. Getting Started), however it is recommended to build Scala projects with SBT instead of Maven, if possible. In this document use of SBT will be assumed.

Kompics Scala currently requires Scala 2.13.x (there are also 2.12.x and 2.11.x cross-build available) and after adding the required resolvers (cf. Repositories) the SBT dependency is (for example for version 2.0.0):

libraryDependencies += "se.sics.kompics" %% "kompics-scala" % "2.0.0"

The kompics-scala module only depends on kompics-core from the Java API, but other Kompics modules (cf. Modules) can be included in order to use the Java API from Scala directly. For example, to add networking support, one could add the following to the SBT build file:

libraryDependencies += "se.sics.kompics.basic" % "kompics-component-netty-network" % "1.2.1"


Java dependencies do not take the %%, but a single % after the organisation, since they don’t have a Scala version to include.

IDE Support

There is currently no special IDE support for Kompics Scala. It is recommended to use any IDE that has good Scala and SBT support. Both ScalaIDE (Eclipse) and IntelliJ IDEA should be well suited. ScalaIDE/Eclipse works best with SBT when the SBT Ecliplse Plugin is used. Alternatively, Metals works well with VSCode, for example.

Build from Sources

See Repositories for information on how to acquire the source code.

To clone the sources you need Git installed on your machine.

For example:

git clone git://

If you have already cloned the repository previously then you can update the code with git pull:

git pull origin master

Change into the kompics-scala root directory and execute the following commands to build, and test a local Kompics Scala version in SBT:

> test

Followed by other actions you wish to take, e.g. publishLocal or eclipse.